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Galaxy Watch6 Classic 46mm LTE (R965)

Replacement parts for repair and customization may include the strap, the back cover, the screen, the battery, and external buttons. For internal components, due to the complexity and compactness of modern smartwatches, replacing parts often requires professional skills and tools. If your device needs repair, consulting with a certified service center or professional technician is advisable to maintain its functionality and integrity.

As of my last update in 2023, specific details on the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic 46mm LTE (R965) components may not be widely published. However, based on standard practices and components typically found in high-end smartwatches, we can infer the types of parts that are likely to be included. Please note, for precise parts, referring to Samsung’s official documentation or reaching out to Samsung support would be necessary. Here’s a general list of parts you might find in such a device:

1. **Display**: Typically, a Super AMOLED touchscreen protected by Corning Gorilla Glass.

2. **Battery**: A lithium-ion rechargeable battery, specifically designed for its compact form and potentially non-removable by the user.

3. **Processor**: An advanced, energy-efficient processor designed for wearables. Samsung often uses its own Exynos chipset for its devices.

4. **Memory & Storage**: Integrated RAM and flash storage for running applications and storing data, like music and apps.

5. **Sensors**: This could include a heart rate sensor, ECG sensor, accelerometer, gyro, barometer, and possibly a new bioactive sensor for various health and activity tracking capabilities.

6. **Wireless Communication Modules**:

 - **LTE/4G Module**: For cellular connectivity, allowing the watch to make calls, send texts, and use data without being connected to a smartphone.

 - **Bluetooth**: For connecting to smartphones, headphones, and other devices.

 - **Wi-Fi**: Allowing internet connectivity and data transfer over wireless networks.

 - **NFC**: Enabling contactless payments and other NFC-based functions.

7. **Buttons and Crown**: Mechanical parts for navigation and inputs, likely including a rotating bezel for the Classic version.

8. **Speaker and Microphone**: For making and receiving calls directly from the watch, as well as interacting with voice assistants.

9. **Case and Frame**: Usually, a combination of stainless steel and high-strength aluminum for durability. The 46mm reference suggests a larger watch size, often appealing to those preferring a more traditional watch appearance.

10. **Charging Coil**: For wireless charging, using a proprietary dock or pad.

11. **Vibration Motor**: For silent alerts and feedback.

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